Driving Change through ESG

At CORE X Partners, we firmly believe in the principles of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility as a means of aligning our actions with our core values: We Partner to Protect, Preserve, & Provide.

Our commitment to these values is at the heart of all our operations, and we strive to integrate them into every aspect of our business, particularly within our warehouse operations.

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Our ESG Commitments


Sustainability is CORE to what we do. We target LEED Silver certification for all new developments, utilizing advanced energy efficiency measures such as state of the art refrigeration control systems, VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives), LED lighting, and high-speed doors. We also emphasize conservation through reduced water usage, responsible sourcing and onsite recycling programs.


We actively foster community betterment and employee well-being. We contribute to local communities and tackle food waste and insecurity issues. Our labor practices ensure dignity and respect for employees, while promoting their growth through continuous learning opportunities. Moreover, we champion an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity and encourages equity.


Our governance policies prioritize accountability, transparency, and fairness. Our commitment to a rigorous ESG framework propels positive change, envisioning a future where flourishing businesses coexist with a robust planet and vibrant communities. Together, we Partner to Protect, Preserve, and Provide.

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