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It all adds up.

Entrepreneurial Spirit + Specialized Support & Capital = A Win, Win, Win

We’re Looking For:

Family-owned and entrepreneurial cold storage operators ready to take their business to the next level

We’re Offering:

Capital and infrastructure to support accelerated growth and a network of like-minded operators and opportunity

How It Works:

Our regional operating partners re-invest in the network and remain at the helm of their business to drive new growth for their business and their customers

Why Join CORE X Partners?

What it Means to be a Partnering Regional Operator (PRO)

RJ Neu

“The Partners network brings me support, experience, and peers. It brought my business a more robust software package and made us more sophisticated.”

Glenn Gress Jr.

“The decentralized aspect of CORE X Partners provides everything we need to be successful but allows us to run our business the way we've always known how and has made us successful. The partnership fortifies our brand and makes us strong. Our future is brighter because of the assets behind us.”

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