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CORE X COMPLETE: Innovative Cold Storage Solutions with Mobile Racking

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As a leading provider of cold storage solutions, CORE X Partners is dedicated to continuous improvement within its facilities, operations, and overall output. All CORE X PROs approach this endeavor with the same commitment; which presents in different ways given their locations, infrastructure, and services. For CORE X COMPLETE, continuous improvement includes design and technology innovation. Through the implementation of mobile racking systems, the operation has increased storage capacity by 41% and efficiency by 22%.

Mobile racking systems are a type of high-density storage system that allows for significant space and energy savings. By eliminating the need for permanent aisles, mobile racking systems maximize the productivity of the building’s cubic feet, increase thermal efficiencies, and decrease operational time within the warehouse. This leads to:

As Bryan Hedge, President of CORE X COMPLETE, explains, “Temperature loss happens through the roof. The smaller we can keep the roof, the less energy we lose.”

CORE X COMPLETE is one of the first cold storage companies to implement mobile racking systems on a large scale. In partnering with FLEXSPACE, a leading vendor of mobile racking systems, they have developed a comprehensive solution that helps them better manage their inventory and serve their customers.

As Hedge and his team continue to analyze the improved efficiencies within their Sturbridge facility, he looks forward to implementing the system into new projects in the pipeline. This structural and technological shift in cold storage practice is just one of the ways in which CORE X supports innovation and change within its industry. Stay tuned for updates on the system and news on future innovations and initiatives!

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