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Excellence in Cold Storage Services across North America

Excellence in Cold Storage Services across North America
CORE X Partners is a network of experienced cold storage operators dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of service to our customers. With over 360 years of combined experience in the industry, our team of regional operators understands the challenges food producers face and is committed to delivering solutions that meet their needs.

CORE X Partners cold storage services and solutions

Excellence in Cold Storage Services across North America
We offer a wide range of cold storage services, including:

Additional Cold Storage Services include:

A Nationwide Network of Cold Storage Solutions

In creating a nationwide network of facilities and service providers, CORE X Partners is able to give businesses access to the cold storage capacity they need, regardless of their location. The partnerships also allow businesses to take advantage of shared technologies, streamlined operations, and consistent protocols and standards. Consistent, quality resources ensure improved efficiencies, reduced costs, and increased end-user satisfaction/retention.

The diversity in location, facilities, and services offered by our regional operators means customers receive the following benefits:

Additional Benefits of CORE X Partners: Cold Storage Solutions

In addition to the benefits listed above, partnering with our regional operators can also provide our clients and customers with the ability to:

The CORE X Commitment to Excellence

Excellence in Cold Storage Services across North America

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our services to our customers. We also invest in the latest technologies to ensure that our facilities are operating at peak efficiency. This includes using energy-efficient equipment, implementing waste reduction programs, and using real-time monitoring systems to track temperature and humidity levels.

As a result of our commitment to excellence, CORE X Partners is the trusted choice for cold storage and logistics by food producers and distributors across North America. We are proud to play a role in ensuring that the food supply chain is safe and secure.

To recap, the leading benefits of choosing CORE X Partners for your cold storage needs are:

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced cold storage partner, CORE X Partners is the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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